Verwimp Katrien

High Level Policy Conference

Session 8: Hydrogen as a global commodity, the role of Guarantees of Origin

Coordinator Energy Sector Integration, Auditors Team Coordinator, Association of Issuing Bodies

Katrien coordinates the sector integration programme in the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), which prepares for maximum reliability and cost-efficiency of energy attribute certificate systems for all energy carriers. She manages strategic projects for the association, currently representing AIB in the REGATRACE and CertifHy Projects, working on the integration of Guarantees of Origin for various energy carriers like electricity, gas and hydrogen. She is coordinator of the EECS Gas Scheme Group and chairs AIB’s auditors team.

As an independent systemic advisor, she is helping energy tracking system facilitators over the world with optimisation and auditability of their certification scheme.
Before 2020, she worked with VREG, being the Flemish regulator, issuing body and disclosure supervisory competent body as ‘Coordinator – Origin of energy’. She had a leading role in the design of legislation for tradable energy tracking certificates in Flanders.