Petters Stefan

B2B Forum

Session 12: Waste to Hydrogen Production

Business Development Consult, guo

Stefan Petters, eng. (TGM-Vienna, 1975) in Semiconductor Physics and Informatics built former Electrovac Group 1985-2008 to a global High-Tech Hidden Champion in special material-solutions. After his team had published “Decarbonization by catalytic Carbon Capture for re-Use” Nov.2007 ISSN1864-6972 Electrovac AG got pirated and raided. However, the Technology survived and was further developed. Since 2010 various application models for CCU Technology branded Carbotopia™ in 2015 and incorporated as an NPO Syndicate. This Technology application development was mostly geared to Biomass/-gas valorization by Carbon Circularity to mitigate conflicts with political exclusively privileged Electrolysis. The latest paper at HypothesisXVII showed that combining Green Hydrogen with Carbon Circular Regenerative Methane opens frugal efficient secure Energy Supply from storage in existing Gas infrastructure by on-site Methane dissociation at gas grid outlet points for Hydrogen demands.