Halpert Baruch

B2B Forum

Session 5: Innovative hydrogen Storage and carrier solutions: What are the obstacles? Where is the business case?

CEO, Electriq-Global

Executive Chairman & CEO Baruch has been a part of the tech and start up scene for the past 25 years, serving as an entrepreneur, start-up founder, chairman, and CEO. He led and initiated critical strategic initiatives in companies such as Nanomaterials Ltd, OHK Medical, and HBL Bio Holdings, resulting in successful pivoting and turn-arounds, leading to significant value creation. Baruch’s vast international experience in CleanTech, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology, Finance and Oil and Gas, empowers his peers, teams and partners to disrupt markets and make a positive difference. Baruch earned an LLB (Hons) from Reading University, UK. In addition to his vast and diversified work record, he volunteered and served on the boards of ELEM (Youth in Distress in Israel) and Midot (a rating agency for NGOs).