Granberg Torsten

High Level Policy Conference

Session 4: Ensuring resilience and diversification of the European hydrogen economy

CEO & founder, Plagazi, Green hydrogen producer from waste

Torsten founded Plagazi in 2008, where he saw an opportunity to provide an innovative and competitive green hydrogen production process that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. He filed a patent for Plagazi’s plasma gasification process with a vision to work for the circular economy and set new standards for an improved quality of life by increasing the availability of clean energy and green hydrogen based on the management of non-recyclable waste. Torsten has dedicated 40 years to the energy & gas industry, holding key leadership positions at AGA AB, Studsvik AB, Kaeser Kompressoren, SunPine AB, and more. Torsten wants to build an innovative green hydrogen market and create a better and fossil fuel-free future.