H2UB - the hydrogen start-up hub#HYDROVERSE


H2UB is the first European platform for start-ups operating in the hydrogen ecosystem.

It connects start-ups and future founders with companies, funding partners and research institutes to successfully develop and bring innovative hydrogen ideas to market.

For this reason, as an official partner of Hydrogen Europe, we are more than happy to take over the responsibility for the Start-up Pavillion. 12 start-ups from the H2UB Hydroverse will accompany us to Brussels and showcase their exciting innovations.

For more info please visit: www.h2ub.com



Hydrogen Europe is delighted to host its European National Hydrogen Associations members. Who can qualify:

  • being a national or regional (trade) association which is representative of the hydrogen industry of its country/region;
  • having their registered office or its principal place of business in the territory being composed of (a) the EU, (b) the EEA, (c) the Associated Countries, (d) the Candidate Countries, and (v) the United Kingdom;
  • Having capacities in advocacy, regulatory work and communication supporting, mainly to support the development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Being a member of Hydrogen Europe

You will be able to meet following associations:



Hydrogen Europe Research is an international, non–profit association composed of more than 120 Universities and Research & Technology Organisations (RTO) from 27 countries all over Europe and beyond. We represent the European scientific community involved in the development of a new industrial ecosystem based on hydrogen, and committed to moving towards a circular, carbon-neutral economy.

We actively promote scientific excellence, intellectual property development and technology transfer in Europe. We push new ideas and guide the breakthroughs in the energy ecosystem based on hydrogen, while supporting the industrial sector in its objective to improve present technologies and reach economic viability for hydrogen-based solutions in the market.

We are a member of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, we follow and discuss European policies, and work to create a hydrogen skills agenda.

At the booth 23 you will be able to meet following organisations:

NORTH SWEDEN PAVILION supported by Invest in Norrbotten


Invest in Norrbotten, is pleased to host the booth of North Sweden.

We will show you the potential of our region and our emerging ecosystem for green hydrogen based on low cost green energy, technical expertise, innovative companies and a long history of successful industrial establishments. We will show you how we can decarbonize the impossible with initiatives that are already ongoing in our region as well as future projects – all with the aim to lower the global CO2 emissions.

Invest in Norrbotten is a regional investment promotion agency that assist and inform foreign investors about business and investment opportunities. Our function is to support and coordinate companies planning to establish or expand business in Northern Sweden.

We offer a wide network of local, regional and national business contacts. Of course, all our services are free of charge and with full confidentiality.

For more information please visit: www.investinnorrbotten.se

Welcome to booth 59, where you will be able to meet the following organisations:

Stay Tuned for More Information!